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Take control over your hype and career with an influx of Spotify royalty plays! Save when you checkout with Bitcoin! Click on highlighted links for Bitcoin. 


Packages include... 

10k Spotify Plays $35 

50k Spotify Plays $175 

100k Spotify Plays $400


10k Spotify Premium Plays $50

50k Spotify Premium Plays $250

100k Spotify Premium Plays $475

500k Spotify Premium Plays $1750 

1 Million Spotify Premium Plays $3250 


10k Spotify Mix Plays $70 

50k Spotify Mix Plays $300

100k Spotify Mix Plays $600

*Mix Plays Definition: 30% Free Streams - 70% Premium Streams


Royalty Producing ✓

US and Top Tier Countries UK/CA/EU/AU/NZ ✓

*Paste URL in the Seller Instructions field on cart page. Album stream splits are reserved for packages over 100k in size. If an album link is sent, we will automatically process Track 1 to service. 
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