5k Spotify Plays for Life!

5k Spotify Plays for Life! 


How to Enter: Project Stream Team customers can place purchases on the website on any item of their choosing and if they are the lucky 5000th purchase on the website, that customer will win Spotify Plays for Life!


Rules: Customers can place as many or as little purchases as necessary to win the grand prize. You will be able to see what your order number is with your purchase. For example, order #4978 . Winner will be able to change out their Spotify track once every 6 months by request via written email to info@projectstreamteam.com. 


Announcement: We will announce the winner as soon as the 5000th order is placed on our store!

Terms: Spotify "Plays for Life" constitutes as long as Project Stream Team is in business. In the unlikely event Project Stream Team goes out of business, your plays will no longer be processed. By placing orders on our digital store and entering this contest, you the customer acknowledge these terms.


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