• SPOTIFY 

    Stream Team Club "Can I add more than two songs to my subscription?" Yes. Just select one song order and change the quantity to 6 before adding order to cart. Please, no more than 6 songs.  
    "Where do I input my song info?" On the cart page, left hand corner is a little information field, fill it out. If you missed it, email us your Spotify URL’s along with your order # to
    "Who is listening to my music in the Stream Team Club?" We have what is called our Listeners Club. They are the members streaming your music daily!
    "How long does it take to fully deliver a Spotify Plays campaign?" Spotify changed it's policies which we are abiding by to keep your music in safe keeping. We are now delivering plays at a pace that is roughly 120+ days for full delivery. Your music's safe keeping is our top priority. We are proud to say we have never had one customer flagged or removed since opening Project Stream Team in 2015. 
    "I'm not seeing any plays!" Analytics take about 48 hours before you start seeing results as you have to factor in when you sign up, most our listeners are already streaming for the day without possibly refreshing their playlist, which doesn't add your song to their playlist in that event that day. So we ask you allow a window of 24 hours for your track to become streamable and 48 hours to see analytics. Also, download Spotify for Artists app to track daily analytics. Spotify counters can take north of 72 hours or longer to update. 
    Please allow up to 24 hours for Project Stream Team to process new orders. If order was received over a holiday, please allow until the next business day for order to be processed.
    How do I cancel my subscription? Contact us to cancel your subscription. 
    "Can I swap my song(s) out?" Currently, no. 
    "I want a refund" You can claim a refund within the 24 hour window or the "Buyers Remorse window" of your purchase as stated in the Terms & Conditions you agreed to before purchasing from us. Beyond that is considered an active campaign or subscription in progress and is non-refundable. 
    "How will I be paid my royalties?" Whoever you distributed your music through (Tunecore, CD Baby, DistroKid etc) is also the company that collects and distributes royalties. We only curate daily plays for artists that generate said royalties. 
    "Can you offer me analytics?" We do not distribute insights or analytics of your daily plays yet. That you will have to also collect via your distribution service.  
    "Analytics In General" Your best bet for accurate stream analytics will be in your royalty reports that are issued every 2-3 months from your distributor or daily analytics on Spotify for Artists app.


    • SoundCloud 


    "When will my SoundCloud plays campaign begin?" We try to process plays as fast as possible. Please allow up to 12-24 hours, although most times, we process within an hour or so max.
    "SoundCloud Bundles" Please allow up to 48 hours for bundle orders to begin to process. 
    "Are these SoundCloud plays real?" Are real people listening to your track? No. That campaign would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. We do however use algorithms that comply with SoundCloud's policies and can get your track or tracks trending/charting, which thus would result in real listeners discovering your music!


    • YouTube 


    "How long does it take to deliver my YouTube views?" 5k to 20k views take about 2-3 days. Expect a longer wait with anything past 100k views.
    "Are these YouTube views real?"A lot like SoundCloud, we use an algorithm that works in harmony with YouTube policies to get your video ranking better, which thus will lead to new eyes discovering your video.