Stream Team Club, "Wait, I have to also stream the music as well?" YES! But that is the genius of it. Every member that joins the Stream Team Club receives a designated playlist by us, streams it daily to boost authentic, royalty plays for one another, generating thousands of daily plays that are continually on the rise with each new member that joins, meanwhile your subscription cost remains the same. Earn way more than you spend annually. Sharing of playlists with friends to generate even further plays optional. 
"How do I add multiple songs to my subscription?" To add multiple songs to a new subscription or order, change quantity to match however many songs you want us to produce plays for. Example: I want 5 songs to be included in my order, change quantity to 5 before adding order to your cart. 
"I'm not seeing any plays!" If you just joined, don't fret! It normally takes a few days/up to a week to begin seeing a shift in plays. 
Please allow up to 3 business days for Project Stream Team to process new orders. If order was received over a holiday, please allow until the next business day for order to be processed.
Cancel a subscription anytime. Your account will automatically be terminated after three failed payment attempts. Make sure your CC is updated! 
"Can I swap my song(s) out?" No song swap outs. To get a new song in rotation, simply place a new order and we'll add it to our players.
"I want a refund" You can claim a refund within the 24 hour window or the "Buyers Remorse window" of your purchase. Beyond that is considered an active campaign or subscription in progress and is non-refundable. 
"How will I be paid my royalties?" It blows our mind how many musicians still don't grasp this concept! whomever you distributed your music through (Tunecore, CD Baby etc) is also the company that collects and distributes royalties. We only curate daily plays for artists that generate said royalties. 
We do not distribute insights or analytics of your daily plays yet. That you will have to also collect via your distribution service.  
Please note there may be a latency period without seeing any results on Spotify of up to a week. Spotify holds onto plays before authenticating/processing for actual plays due to competitors fake plays and bot abuse. 
Please allow up to 3 weeks for the SoundCloud Blast! packages to fully deliver plays.
"Get Charting on SoundCloud!" We do not guarantee your music will chart, we only guarantee the plays that will push your song closer to going viral and hitting the charts.
"Plays for Life" equals 10 years worth of 500-1k daily plays for both products Spotify Plays for Life and SoundCloud plays for life.
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Last but not least, it in no way is our responsibility to track you down to collect the information for your songs on Spotify or SoundCloud. If you did not fill out the required information field "Information Box" before checking out, please Contact Us with song information (Artist Name, Song Title, SoundCloud URL) for us to process your order. Again, we will NOT reach out to you