Forever Streams FAQ's


Everything you ever needed to know before purchasing Forever Streams!


Q: How many streams will I get monthly? 

A: We typically do not try to place a target of plays. However, thousands of monthly plays.


Q: Are the plays safe?

A: YES! We have never had an artist flagged or removed in the 5 years of being in business. 


Q: Are these all royalty producing? 

A: TIDAL, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon, yes. SoundCloud, if you have monetized your account properly, yes as well. 


Q: How long will it take me to recoup before turning a profit? 

A: For an Al Carte purchase, roughly a year and a half. With the Forever Bundle, about 2 years before you are cash positive. 


Q: Can I switch out the song whenever I want? 
A: We ask that you switch out the song every six months. If you have the Forever Bundle for example, at the six month mark, we will switch out your song to your next desired track and place that across our servers for daily plays for the next six months. Copy paste. You may do a different song on each platform, we just ask that it remains that song for the six month duration. 


Q: Can I pay with PayPal?
A: No. We accept major credit cards, wire transfer, and Bitcoin with Forever purchases.

Q: Is there an affiliate program with Forever Streams? 

A: Yes! Head to the bottom of our website, bottom right corner you will find Affiliate Program. Sign up, start selling!


Q: Is it really FOREVER? 

A: As long as Project Stream Team is in business, and or up to 5 years past the time we closed our doors. Having said this, we have zero interest in closing the doors on this successful store.