Giveaway: One lucky winner will walk away with Project Stream Team's grand prize "Forever Plays!" Winnings include one song that will receive forever plays on 1. Spotify 2. Tidal 3. Apple Music 4. SoundCloud and 5. Audiomack. Winner will be able, upon request, to switch out song every 3 months. Daily play count per platform will vary. Second runner up will win 1 Million Tidal Plays and third runner up will take home 1 Million Spotify Plays.

How to Enter: The greatest giveaway we have ever held, here is your chance to win our highly coveted Forever Plays and runner up prizes! 

  • Step One: Sign up for free on our partner's site SPOTRAID.COM 
  • Step Two: Download Spotraid App and Connect to Spotify. (You will be able to collect daily premium streams for yourself free of cost in the process!) 
  • Step Three: Run the Player as much as possible

The person at the end of 30 days with the most plays on their player will win the Forever Plays giveaway! Second and third place runner ups will win their respective prizes listed above. 

Rules: Contestants must be 18 years or older or have parental consent to participate in Forever Plays Giveaway. No purchase necessary. 

Announcement: We will announce the winners 4/1 on our store front page! 

Terms: "Forever Plays" giveaway constitutes as long as Project Stream Team is in business. In the unlikely event Project Stream Team goes out of business, your plays will no longer be processed. By entering into the Forever Plays Giveaway, you the contestant acknowledge these terms. Spotraid is responsible for keeping tally of all plays associated with the Forever Contest and will deliver the winning results on 4/1.