As of February 1st, Project Stream Team decided it will no longer recommend the promotions of the following products...

(Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Napster, Pandora, Amazon Music.) 

After many years of helping artists scale their digital presence in these arenas, it has become more and more of an increased liability, both for us the company and you the artist. We put the safety of your digital real estate (your music) as TOP priority. Too many times have artists been flagged and removed, even from the most straight forward playlist methods! We can't in good faith justify with the recommendation of servicing these products, knowing your music could face such harm. If you wish to continue on with one of these products, you do so at your own risk. You may order HERE

With out restrictions, we ARE still offering On Air - Radio Airplay, which is a tremendous offering of daily royalty radio spins. **Please note if you purchased a Tidal, Spotify, Apple music, Napster, Pandora or Amazon Music order, and it has not yet completed, rest assured your order is still in progress and will complete in a timely manner.  

We appreciate you and your business! Please enjoy our SoundCloud, Audiomack and On Air Radio Airplay offerings without restriction! Without fear of repercussion, you can use our friends SPOTRAID for all things Spotify. We hear good things are on the way from them so, get in early. You may order Spotify and Tidal through us at your own risk.