"I subscribed for Stream Team Club platinum membership not thinking much other than giving this thing a shot that seemed a little too good to be true. Well, it's true and it's VERY good! My streams and monthly listeners are consistently going up & I only spend $15 a month. Vibe it." - Jaylen C 


"I've been pleasantly surprised with Spotify Royalty Plays for Life. Plays come in consistantly, always increasing and royalties so far are looking good. Looking forward to my future in royalties." - Mischief 


"SoundCloud plays are 100. Hit the SoundCloud charts when I purchased 3 Million Plays. Could've been delivered faster, but I ain't hatin, they did what they said they do." - Marcus P


"Stream Team Club is literally the best!" - Les H


"I've turned multiple artists on to Stream Team Club since I joined. I love this service! Project Stream Team is my label." - Sarah T


"We are a little band from Manchester UK that was not getting very many monthly streams. Spotify Mountain and 1 Million Plays later, we hit the viral chart and we're organically added to other playlists. Very surprised with how good this service is! We are now in the Stream Team Club and PST lifers." - The Band Clocks


"Thanks for the shoutout on Instagram and Artist Spotlight Project Stream Team." - Digital Reggae 


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