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Plan your next release and go viral on iTunes with an iTunes Charts package! Guaranteed chart position of up to 3 days. The longer you're on the charts, the higher your song will peak!


US or EU iTunes Charts - 1 Day $1500

US or EU iTunes Charts - 2 Days $2500

US or EU iTunes Charts - 3 Days $3500

US or EU iTunes Charts 1 Month - Contact Us

Get a discounted rate if you released your single for $0.69 cents!


South Africa iTunes Charts - 1 Day $250 

South Africa iTunes Charts - 2 Days $500 

South Africa iTunes Charts - 3 Days $1000 


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Viral Potential ✔️

iTunes Downloads ✔️

New Fans ✔️

Organic Streams on Apple Music and other Platforms ✔️


*After order is received, we will be in touch shortly to plan your campaign.