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Unlock Thousands of Daily Royalty Plays!

The Mission

When you join the stream team, you are unlocking the door to thousands of daily royalty plays on Spotify, TIDAL & Apple Music! Every new club member receives a playlist with your music, collectively streaming it daily, sharing it and generating thousands of plays! Your return in annual streaming royalties will be worth the small monthly investment and participation.   

 Get your music added to our playlists!  

  1. Select a membership. Renews every 30 days. 
  2. We’ll add your song(s) across our club playlists. 
  3. We'll send you a Playlist! (You choose which platform you wish to do this from. 1 Platform mandatory.If you didn't receive an email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. 
  4. Generate thousands of monthly royalty plays across Spotify, TIDAL & Apple Music! 


In Closing

With our ever expanding club, the objective is simple: Collectively generate daily plays and scale your annual earnings. Your monthly subscription rate will never go up, but your daily plays, monthly listeners and annual royalties will continue to increase with each new member that participates! 

If you wish to add two songs in your subscription, change quantity to 2 before checking out. 2 song max limit!